1. Here you can upload a PNG image (or GIF, at best in each case with transparent background) of a button that is not yet on the list from your computer and convert it for use with your TomTom. Choose it from your computer by clicking this button:
    2. After that enter your name here, so others will know, who uploaded this new button:
    3. Here you can optionally add a comment:
    4. At last press this button to submit the image and start the convertion:

  • Alternatively (respectively after that) click on the icon of your choice in the list, download the package that is then offered to you, open it with a packing programme (WinZip, WinRar, WinAce or similar) and replace with the contained files the ones with the same name in the according projects directory on your TomTom.
65x65 Uploader: Kiwi
75x75 Noch ne Variante -- Uploader: Kiwi
50x50 Zweiter Versuch kleiner und transparent. -- Uploader: Kiwi
50x49 Rider 2nd II - Put in position of the compass @ approximately x4 and y122 -- Uploader: kumo
54x53 Rider 2nd - Put in place and position of the compass -- Uploader: kumo
40x48 Goldwing -- Uploader: VW
51x50 Uploader: Chris
55x55 Uploader: Mütze
44x44 Frosch violett klein -- Uploader: Mütze
48x48 violett -- Uploader: Mütze
374x113 373x112_transparent -- Uploader: 373x112_transparent
122x112 120x110 Rahmen trans -- Uploader: hoe
122x102 120x100 Rahmen trans -- Uploader: hoe
152x122 150x120 Rahmen trans -- Uploader: hoe
40x35 Uploader: A3fan
39x39 very small and little intrusive - this works better -- Uploader: Ulisse
39x39 very small and little intrusive -- Uploader: Ulisse
56x154 Uploader: me2
154x56 Uploader: me2
150x50 Another fully transparent space, e.g. for the top center. -- Uploader: Joghurt
57x57 A button the size and color of a 9.x-NavCore-button. -- Uploader: Joghurt
52x52 waypoint_skip -- Uploader: nickname
74x74 waypoint_skip -- Uploader: nickname
57x57 Green arrow -- Uploader: Lpop
57x57 Red arrow -- Uploader: Lpop
57x57 Fully transparent space, for no disturbance of view at all. -- Uploader: Joghurt
57x57 Empty button for as few disturbance as possible. -- Uploader: Joghurt
43x43 This is just a smaller version of the default-icon. -- Uploader: Joghurt
60x60 This is the size of buttons in 7.x-NavCores. -- Uploader: Joghurt
57x57 This is the default-icon for Overleap. Its the size of buttons in 8.x-NavCores. -- Uploader: Joghurt